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Look after your mental health using exercise

Physical activity is good for your body and there are a ton of reasons why, not least having strong bones, flexible joints, and a healthy heart, but, did you realise that physical activity is proven to improve your wellbeing and your mental health?

Many of us have to rethink how look at physical activity, as a lot of us (me included) look at it as something we ‘should’ do or something we spend more energy on thinking about rather than doing. If we can condition ourselves to value the positive effect of physical exercise on our mental health, then it will be so much easier to do. 


And of course you dont have to go to the gym 8 hours a day and eat raw eggs and tuna everyday (unless you want to) there are a ton of ways to be active, even just putting your coat on and going for a 30 minute brisk walk is a brilliant way to get more active.

Here are some of the great benefits of moving more.

You will be less tired once you start and then stick it out.


Getting off the sofa may well be the most energetic thing you do when you get started and that is even harder if you’re feeling depressed or exhausted by life, however, if you keep at it, literally build that new muscle and create a positive new routine, you will feel less tired, less depressed and have more energy.


Find your rhythm and keep on moving.


Rhythmic exercises such as walking, weight training, swimming, martial arts give you the most benefits and are the most depression-busting. Activities, where you move your arms and legs, are really good for your body and your mind


Be mindful when you exercise

If you take the time to focus on how your body feels as you move, notice how it feels when your feet hit the ground or how the weather makes your skin feel, or focus on your breathing, count the breaths in and out. If your depression comes about by your dark, negative or obsessive thoughts or if you are aware that your feelings are a result of unresolved trauma, consciously focussing on how your body feels will add a strong mindful experience and will contribute massively to your healing journey.

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