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Men Only Supporters

We are non-profit, non-corporate

and non-compromised. 

We aim to help hundreds of men and their families work through their journeys. To do this, we rely on donations, grants, and your generosity.

By choosing one of our monthly subscriptions, you can support us as we continue our daily mission to help men across the Isle of Wight.

We're sorry there are no tee shirts or discounted products or services to give you in return; however, you will get a lovely warm feeling knowing that your subscription is working hard to support husbands, partners, dads, brothers, uncles, friends and sons in your community, maybe even you.

Together, we will remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Karl Hart
Men Only IOW
A Community Interest Company.

Monthly Supporter Levels

  • Free

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    • Bronze

      Every month
      £5 helps with our energy bills, it keeps our warm place open
      • Thank you for your support.
    • Silver

      Every month
      You help support our programmes such as Saturday Superdads
      • Thank you for your support.
    • Gold

      Every month
      You keep our Mobile Hub on the road, serving the Islands men
      • Thank you for your support
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    Men Only IOW
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