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Not Lectured To.
Not Criticised.
Not Judged.

find your safe space

what we do

We’re a non-clinical, peer led group. We’re not doctors or therapists, counsellors or psychiatrists.


We have created a safe, non judgemental place for you to be a part of, share support or just be a good mate. You may get help or comfort from hearing about other peoples experiences and success.


We can guide to ask better questions or guide you to resources or places that can help you more, but you don’t have to take any of it.


Simply by turning up, you are making the first and really hard step towards asking for help.

The next steps get easier.

We know it can be hard to think straight when you're going through stuff or you are depressed, your thinking gets all bent out of shape, and finding any kind of possible solution isn't going to happen...

Getting pissed or high or worse, suicide may seem like the only way to make it all go away. 

There is another way...
Peer support is a way for you to talk and listen to other men who have a lived experience of mental ill-health can help you, and in turn, your life experiences will help other men feeling just like you did.

Join us in a place where you can be heard.

You can safely drop the ‘nice guy, ‘macho man’ or whatever masks you’ve been wearing get real and be yourself.

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