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Lifestyle Changes - The Essentials

It's simple, you can change how feel by changing what you do.. The things you eat, who you talk to, how much you sleep can all make a huge impact on your life. You can start simply enough just getting out for a walk, double the positive impact by going with a friend. Below are some short and simple things you can do today to make a positive change in your wellbeing.


Too much and too little can affect your mood and motivation - This can have a knock on effect and make your depression symptoms feel much worse 


Simply by reducing how much coffee you drink, how any pints you sink or replacing the full English with something a bit less fatty can change your mood.


Fights depression, boosts your serotonin levels, feel healthier and happier by going out for a walk, add a bit of sunshine and you've got a brilliant, natural stress reliever!

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Your mates are there for you and don't isolate yourself because you think you're being a burden - Just talk.

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